Our charitable campaigns allow us to give back to the community as we grow.


Our approach delivers professional-level promotions for some of the country’s leading non-profits.


Our team’s mission is to create and extend awareness to those in need.

OC Advertising Solutions: Building Strong Charitable Support Networks

Our vision is a future in which poverty, hunger, disease, and environmental degradation are vanquished. We’re making it happen by fueling the admirable endeavors of our non-profit clients with powerful solutions that generate lasting outcomes.

OC Advertising Solutions provides modern developmental solutions for movements that inspire our world. In our 21st Century economy, numerous non-profits vie for the attention of a wary public looking for worthy causes they can stand behind. Those organizations that fail to capture the interest of a giving audience inevitably languish, unable to bring their good work to fruition.

OC Advertising Solutions is a for-profit entity that is revolutionizing the way non-profit entities raise money. We forge powerful connections between charities and donors that generate strong networks of support to provide sustainable empowerment for the world’s most effective change-makers.

OC Advertising Solutions Praises Anita L. DeFrantz and Her Work in Charity

OC Advertising Solutions is always looking to the next leader in the foundation movement to learn from. Anita L. DeFrantz is no exception. Bronze medalist in 1976 Olympic games, president and director of the LA84...
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OC Advertising Solutions is Following the UN’s Efforts in Central Africa

OC Advertising Solutions are keeping a close eye on the UN Security Council while they send peacekeepers to central Africa safe. The Security Council voted on Thursday to send 12,000 UN peacekeepers to Central...
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OC Advertising Solutions’s Multiple Ways to Find Creative Motivation

At OC Advertising Solutions., we frequently have to be in a creative mind set. After all, we create interesting campaigns for promoting our clients every day!  So how do we inspire the motivation for creativity in...
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OC Advertising Solutions Supports UNICEF’s Fight Against Starvation in Southern Somalia

Philanthropy is at the heart of our ethics here at OC Advertising Solutions. We take inspiration from the selfless work of many organizations and try to match them in our quest to give back within and outside of our...
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OC Advertising Solutions Believes in the Power of Volunteering

Giving back to our community is an integral part of our corporate culture at OC Advertising Solutions. We’re always looking for more ways to help through volunteering. That’s why we were so excited to learn about...
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OC Advertising Solutions Believes in Fighting the Hunger Crisis in Afghanistan

According to poor nutrition plays a role in at least half of the 10.9 million child deaths each year–five million deaths.  Here, at OC Advertising Solutions, we drive non-profit awareness...
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